Narda Brown, RCIC

Founder & CEO

Having been an immigrant, Narda is aware of the challenges and stresses that comes with starting a life over in a foreign country and not having your support system with you. Having immigrated to Canada over 10 years ago as a single mother with 2 young boys, Narda had firsthand experience with various obstacles and challenges that life throws your way. Narda was able to adapt as she navigated her way through her new life in Canada. 

She assisted her husband and a number of friends who also made the transition to starting a new life in Canada, or who made Canada their home temporarily. Narda is also experienced in moving to other countries as she also immigrated to the British Virgin Islands where she worked temporarily before moving to Canada.

We are happy to assist others in their journey to establish a temporary or permanent place to call their new home and we are very passionate about helping to make relocating and settling in Canada for new immigrants a smooth process.

Our Commitment
We strive to provide you with the best in relocation and settlement services in a friendly, timely and caring manner.

Relocating with Care
We strive to take the hassle and stress out  of relocating so  that you and your family can transition to the new chapter of your lives as smoothly as possible